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The Estate / Bio-dynamics

Biodynamic, as a matter of course

It was during a training course with François Bouchet in 1996/1997 that Jean and his father Jean Pierre were convinced that Biodynamics is the best possible way to produce true terroir wines.

All the plots of land of the domain are led in organic and biodynamic culture

After very promising trials in 1997, they started this practice on the whole estate in 1998.

The vines are ploughed in the autumn and spring and natural grassing is recreated in the summer to avoid gullying due to storms and to encourage biodiversity. Some very narrow or terraced vineyards are worked with a draft horse.

Since 1998

In many plots, we practice a partial ploughing in autumn and a complete ploughing in spring (destruction of the superficial roots) and we let a natural grassing be reconstituted in summer to avoid the important gullies and to recreate an ecosystem. Very steep or narrow vineyards are worked with a draft horse.

"We are the passers-by of terroirs".

By spreading the biodynamic preparations, we improve the quality of the soil, allowing the presence of a wide variety of bacteria. By providing energetic impulses, we promote a better rooting of the vine in depth and a harmonious development of leaves, flowers and fruits.

To reinforce the vine’s natural defenses, we also use small amounts of sulfur and Bordeaux mixture, nettle, osier and meadowsweet teas and horsetail decoctions.

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Animal traction on the Grand Cru Kitterlé hillside