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The estate / The 4 elements - Grands Crus

Our 4 Grands Crus express their personality

Discover our 4 Grands Crus, Saering, Spiegel, Kessler and Kitterlé.

Our grand cru bottles




of the surface delimited as Grands Crus


kind of soil

Our grands crus come from privileged terroirs where the geology, the climate and the exposure form an exceptional combination

All the plots have been biodynamic since 1998, in order to express the exceptional personality of our wines.

The 4 Grands Crus and the correspondences with the elements:

In order to associate an image easy to understand by all, we have chosen to name the wines from our 4 Grands Crus:

Kitterlé, Saering, Spiegel and Kessler by the 4 elements, Earth, Water, Air, Fire.

Indeed, we find singularities between each of these places and the elements that constitute the universe.


Grand Cru

The Saering or sea ring, recalls the presence of the sea and the calcareous sediments or calcareous conglomerates deposited in the Oligocene period.

We recognize here the influence of Water on this terroir.

The wines from this place are juicy, salivating, broad, dense, with volume and great power.
The Grand Cru wines Saering
Element Saering


Grand Cru

The Kessler which means "boiler maker" and in its heart the cadastral parcel of the Heisse Wanne "hot bowl", testifies to the heat present on this Grand Cru.

Instinctively we know that the Fire element is strongly linked to the Kessler, a solar terroir, a fruitful vine that ripens its grapes well.
The Grand Cru wines Kessler
Element Kessler


Grand Cru

The challenge of the vine on the Kitterlé is to manage to take root in a poor soil. The south/southeast part of the Grand Cru Kitterlé is made up of sandstone conglomerate or Buntsandstein pudding, while the south/western flank is composed of grauwackes or volcanic sediments.

The roots are intimately linked to the Earth element. Thus, the earth element provides the vine with the anchor through which it can develop.
The wines from the Kitterlé have a smoky glow, purity, a delicate structure, verticality, linear tension, youthful fringing and a well-balanced structure.
The Grand Cru wines Kitterlé
Element Kitterlé


Grand Cru

The Spiegel or "mirror" reflects the light on the quartz pebbles of the Stein plot.

This marl and sandstone place naturally recalls the association of the element Air, invisible par excellence, always in movement and light.

The wines born from the Spiegel, reveal themselves to be airy, fine, elegant, frivolous, flattering, less rooted in the earth. Great noble bitters carry the length of these wines.

Wines that rise!
The Grand Cru wines Spiegel
Element Spiegel


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