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2023 Harvest

The 2023 vintage was marked by a deficit in precipitation during two relatively long periods in January-February and May-June. Temperatures were particularly high in June and early July, as well as from the second half of August. Fortunately, significant rainfall occurred in early August, revitalizing the plants and causing the grape berries to swell. The harvest took place under a beautiful sun, often very warm.


As every year, the harvest team conducted meticulous selection work, retaining only the finest grapes. The effort was consistent, as the harvest extended over a period of five weeks, from September 5th until October 12th, 2023. The outcome was a high-quality, generous harvest that we are very pleased with.

October - November 2023

After the harvest, plowing work was disrupted due to heavy rainfall, 250 mm had fallen between October 13th and November 17th, 2023, an unprecedented amount. We are awaiting the leaf fall and sap descent to begin Guyot Poussard pruning in December.


Fermentations are ongoing in the cellar, and we closely monitor the vinifications by tasting the juices. Rackings are underway for the wines that have found their balance.

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