“Wine is made in the vineyards”: To make a good wine, the grape must be harvested at full phenolic ripeness from well-rooted and healthy vines. Before deciding of the harvest date, we watch each plot closely, tasting the grape berries and measuring their possible alcohol degree.

The Winemaking is very simply done at the estate.

The grapes are intact squeezed on inflatable press since 1987. The wines ferment either in tuns, or in stainless steel vat during 3 weeks to 3 months approximately. They stay on light lees during 9 to 12 months before being filtered on a sheet and being bottled.

The goal of the biodynamic grape grower is to produce high-quality wine with its own particular characteristics stemming from the unique elements that make up the soil of each estate, through specific processes for cultivating the vine. The wine will be the expression of this cultivation because in this way the qualities and particularities of the soil will be respected.


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